The train was rather full. at the last station before the frontier, a small man with a fat stomach got in, carrying a big paper packed. it was carefully packed, but the feet of two ducks could be seen outside the paper. the man found an empty seat, put the packed in
the middle of the floor, took out a newspaper and began to read it.

The other passengers knew that people were not allowed to take food across the frontier, so they were very suprised that the little man was foolish enough to leave the duck's legs where they could be seen so easily.

when the train reached the frontier, a policemen came in to look at passengers passports and to examine their luggage. Of course, he saw the packed with the duck's legs at once and said,'whose is that packed?'
No body answered.

The policemen repeated the question, and added, 'i shall have to take it away from the owner. Nobody's allowed to take food out of the country.'

'Well, then,'said the small man with the fat stomach,'hurry up and take it. we want to get home.' the policeman took the packed and went on the next carriage.
At the next station, when they were safely across the frontier, the small man got up, smiled at the other passengers and said,' i hope that they will enjoy the duck's feet. the rest of the packed had nothing but rubbish in it.'

Then he opened his coat and pointed to another paper packed which he was carrying under it. it was tied tightly over his stomach,which was not really fat.'i have the rest of the two ducks in this packed,'he said.

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